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About us

Engineering Customer Centric Solutions (ENGICCS) Ltd. is a privately owned thin polymer film engineering company.

ENGICCS provides solutions to worldwide customers in the thin film converting industry. ENGICCS solutions are being implemented in the electronics, packaging & automobile industry.

Who We Are

ENGICCS is a global player in the design, development and distribution of innovative solutions for packaging film, polymer electronics and converting systems. We are committed to engineering systems for our customers based on profitability and performance. The ENGICCS team consists of a highly-qualified multidisciplinary personnel, providing practical solutions and relevant answers while delivering consistent, professional service in the field of polymer film engineering.

Our Story

Past, present and future? We can mastermind the latter. It is bright, full of options and promises. Evolving demands across the flexible industry determine how corporations compete, and determine the path from idea to product. Our path lies within the imagination of new ideas, looking for solutions, thinking with the customer for the next wave and how to be prepared to compete.

Our Purpose

The core of our business ….. Customer first! Our job is to help our customers produce the products that improve everyday life. Although we might not be seen at the final production of your product, we are an important puzzle to the manufacturing of many world’s essential products. Just like our customers, we take our responsible seriously, and tailor our solutions for you to remain a step ahead.

Our Promise & Vision

We promise the best combination of product and support services to help customers achieve their business goals. Our vision is to keep customers happy by searching out what they want and delivering sustainable solutions at the speed of light – if possible!

Barrier Films

High barrier films are often required to protect product integrity and quality.
We have developed processes to enhance these properties for flexible food
& pharma packaging and the electronic industry.

CovaBond XL™

A crafted process to yield excellent adhesion of metallized polymer films (for low – high optical densities). Achieving the optimum of the Al – C covalent bond at the interface tailors the permeability of the film structure to light, water and oxygen. These properties of the film -such as higher toughness, the ability to be heat sealed, and a lower density - remain at a lower cost than an aluminium foil and other metal-film structures. The CovaBond XLTM process or final film structures designed with our solution depicts the our ability to engineer solutions for our customers.

The demand for such product performance is extensively used in electronics, insulation, packaging and decoration applications. Request for more information.

VisClearTM(AlOx – excellent transparent, high performance film)

An outstanding process for deposition of Aluminum oxide (AlOx) on polymeric films to yield excellent oxygen & moisture barrier performance, at highest uniformity und transparency for product visibility. The heart of this process is the Transverse OxyFlow Management System (TOFMS) designed for industrial high speed ‘boat-type’ roll-to-roll vacuum web coaters which is of great importance for the cost-sensitive food packaging market.

The final film product ( using the VisClearTM) achieves the market specifications with respect to barrier properties, which are also stable after the downstream converting processes. The latter portrays the importance of thin film material engineering, to tailor transmission and permeation properties in one process step.

The VisClear process can be retrofitted to existing coating equipment for food packaging applications, which would provide vast economic and environmental benefits Request for more information.


TopCoat - AlOx

ProtectAlOxTM is an innovative and patented solution for inline deposition of transparent coating at production conditions in a roll-to-roll machine.

Why is a surface film or topcoat film required after the deposition of aluminum oxide on flexible polymer films? The film thickness and morphology are the main factors to prone intrinsic stress thus initiating crack and flex resistance, which are detrimental to film barrier properties..

A further conversion step is mostly indispensable after aluminum oxide coating, in order to obtain the final packaging structure. This is either achieved by laminating the vacuum coated films (adhesive lamination, extrusion lamination) or via application of an additional coating on top of the inorganic layer, both serving the purpose of protecting the thin barrier layer during its final packaging application. This also adds cost depending on the adhesive or extruded layer used.


ENGICCS designed a thin Multifractal Interface Layer to initiate adequate boundary layer adhesion to:

  1. protect mechanically the designated layer and enhance an “active” protection of a metal oxide /metallized polymer film.
  2. magnify all-round barrier performance
  3. potentiate the printing & lamination process of the downstream converting step.

Why does the permeation rate improve using this process design? Our approach is the fundamental arrangement, close packing, high crystallinity to attune low free volume, more tortuous creeping path and better barrier. Therefore, the multifractal interface enhances the barrier, resulting in a lower permeation rate.

The packaging industry interest is obvious, as this technique would allow increasing material barrier without adding material quantity. In its turn, it promises huge cost savings as compared to other methods.

Protect.AlOxTM can be customized to your existing or new roll-to-roll coater. Request for more information.



mcf CHECK is a benchtop system, entirely manufactured and supported by ENGICCS, designed for accurate off-line inspection and allows a series of measurements using both machine vision technology and direct contact measurement technology of electrical resistivity, in a single integrated and automatic cycle.

Request for more information.



Barrier Inspection System 4.0™

How long does it take to measure the barrier properties? How can you measure a complete 60km process roll at every 10 cm across the web? The challenge here is not to increase throughput, clear up testing backlogs, and solve unique package testing challenges, but to acquire 100% testing assurance and deliver 100% tested products to your clients.

BRAINSYS 4.0™ is a directly integrated tool for all roll-to-roll production line, a close-loop guided system for high-precision measurement and inspection. This ensures 100% monitoring of all relevant measurement features, focusing on the oxygen & water vapor transmission rate for all types of polymer films. Request for more information.


Business Development

ENGICCS #Customer First, …. the rest are details.

Historically, each economy is moving from each recession to expansion, then most companies in the flexible thin film sector are diverting their focus from pruning costs to stimulating growth, specifically organic growth. Albeit new products and services are presented to generate organic growth, this growth could be short-lived because competitors are prone to mimic innovations. As much, astute companies are increasingly peering to their customers to foster growth — sharpening products to customers’ unique needs.

The problem some companies encounter: How do you answer to customers without incurring debilitating costs in complexity? At ENGICCS, we understand not only what the customer values, but also the value the customer represents to their bottom line. Thus, our focus is to align business streams – product development, innovation, and production - in order to deliver the greatest value to the customer for the least cost.

In this flexible industry, our experts focus on;

  1. Customer orientation: the infinity loop, life-cycle view, work with client to solve both immediate and long-term issues
  2. Solution mindset: bundles that combine products, service and knowledge
  3. Advice orientation: working as an insider, solutions focus
  4. Customer interface: Innovation at the frontline with the customer
  5. Business processes: tailored streams, balance between customization and complexity
  6. Organization linkage: teamwork, cross-organizational

ENGICCS takes a different, wide-angle view, moving beyond event-oriented projects, beyond pushing products for sale. We have developed a holistic and continuous view of each customer’s evolving life-cycle needs as he or she moves through each step from ideas to solutions that advance the customer value proposition.


We would love to hear from you, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Let’s talk!

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